Greetings from the Wolfe Ranch.  Last week at the ranch,  a young man randomly stopped by  and asked “what do you do here?  I heard that kids live here, do they?”   We are thankful that this young man stopped by, and we were glad to give him a tour, and answer his questions; but in reality, as our staff meets people in the community, we are often asked these same questions!   To answer his question, and maybe your question also,  “No, children do not live at Wolfe Ranch, and they have not lived here at the ranch for about 15 years now”.   So now you may be wondering just like this young man,  What exactly “do we do” at Wolfe Ranch?

Our mission at Wolfe Ranch is “To Encourage Hope, Faith, And Growth In The Individuals, Children, Families, And The Communities We Serve”.  Our Staff and Board of Directors are committed to finding ways to use our physical resources, (our horses and beautiful ranch facility) to bring hope, and the possibility of a better future for all who come to Wolfe Ranch.

So, how do we accomplish these goals?  First, the ranch can be rented out as the whole facility or just renting one room as a quick overnight stay.  This is a great opportunity for individuals, families, or groups looking for a quiet place to just get away for the hustle and bustle of life, and be refreshed.

Second, the ranch serves as a place for horse riding lessons, arena rentals, trail riding, horse boarding, year round youth day camps, and preschool activities (such as Story Time in the Stables), and more!  We have 2 upcoming open house events, such as our  Harvest Party  (October 19th) and Christmas in the Stables (December 13-14) which will be fun for the whole family!

Finally, we  partner with Quakerdale Family Services to  offer both Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Activities.  Did you know that horses are intuitive, and their natural behaviors are optimal for teaching others, and help improve people’s physical and emotional health? Also, did you know that numerous peer-reviewed research studies suggest that both EAL and EAP activities can help improve team building, communication, leadership skills, and their dynamics?  Our staff has found that the impact of EAL and EAP is amazing, as we have seen families and youth (first-hand) emotionally healed through these equine activities. We have even received feedback such as “ I love to come to Wolfe Ranch, and work with the horses, –I now have a reason to get up in the morning!” 

As you can see at Wolfe Ranch, we are making a positive difference !  Make sure that you don’t miss out on what we are doing at Wolfe Ranch by signing up for our once a month e-newletter (click on the link below).  This way you can make sure you do not miss out on future updates on programming, and what’s going on!   If you are already subscribed, please share this post with your friends!  Thank you for being a “friend” of the ranch! Please put our upcoming October and December events  on your calendar! We look forward to seeing you at the ranch soon!

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