We are excited about our opportunity to share with you that Wolfe Ranch will be focusing our Spring fundraising efforts on our Caring for our Horses Fund. The Caring for Our Horses Fund was created to help underwrite the costs of including horses as a part of our programing. As you know we cannot provide any of the services to our community with our horse partners.

We know times are challenging right now but we want you to know we are still keeping busy by making improvements and updates to our Ranch facility and making plans for future programming. Our commitment to Serve as Christ Serves does not rest in the light of a pandemic. 

We find a great deal of hope in hearing from the families we serve and the difference our services have made in their life. We would like to share with you a few quotes that spoke to our hearts.

“The horse helped me learn to love and trust again. I now know I can tell my family what I am feeling and it will be okay.” Joey

“I told everyone I’m learning to control my anger by walking a horse. If I can walk a huge horse, controlling my anger isn’t so hard.” Mike

“I never realized how much we don’t listen to one another until we tried to get a horse over an obstacle as a bunch of individuals rather than working together.” The Smith Family

Will you consider joining our team by making a gift today?

There are two ways to make a donation…


  • Make your check payable to Wolfe Ranch of Quakerdale
  • Add “Spring 2020 Campaign” as a note on your check
  • Mail your check to:

Wolfe Ranch of Quakerdale

2932 240th St, Marshalltown, IA 50158


We look forward to you joining our team!

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