Hello Friends of Wolfe Ranch!

Well folks…to say this year has been one for the books is certainly an understatement! We have had to be very flexible and creative and business certainly has not been as usual or as expected. We are so blessed we have been able to keep innovating and thinking outside the box to keep moving forward!

We have definitely been keeping very busy despite the pandemic and thanks to the August Derecho. We thought this was a good time to share the improvements and updates we have been making to our Ranch facility as well as update you on the repairs from the storm. After you finish reading about these updates and repairs, take a couple more minutes to watch the videos giving you a virtual tour!

We started our renovations by installing new flooring in the front entry and the front bathroom, also giving both areas a fresh coat of paint. We then moved into the kitchen, where we installed new trim on the cabinets and gave them an update with new paint. We moved next into the dining area where we had the ceiling water damage repaired. We installed new floor trim in the both the kitchen and the dining room and painted the walls and the ceilings in both rooms as well. Then it was time to decorate! We installed new window treatments all around and added a fancy pallet wall, which we decorated in a western theme. We also added a counter in the dining room. Our next task is to install new flooring in these rooms, so we a clean flow throughout the entire space.

As you read in our blog last month, we had significant roof damage from the Derecho. We are excited to share, the roofing repairs have started and the stall barn and all the horse turn out buildings have new roofs in place. We will get the roof on the main lodge replaced when our contractor can get back to the Ranch. We also had significant damage to our indoor arena and we are still in the process of figuring out what to do with the repairs to it. We will keep you all updated on the progress to all of our projects! We here at the Wolfe Ranch wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Entryway and bathroom update
Kitchen and Dining Room Update
Roof repairs

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