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Author: Dave Smith

What a Year!

Hello Friends of Wolfe Ranch!

Well folks…to say this year has been one for the books is certainly an understatement! We have had to be very flexible and creative and business certainly has not been as usual or as expected. We are so blessed we have been able to keep innovating and thinking outside the box to keep moving forward!

We have definitely been keeping very busy despite the pandemic and thanks to the August Derecho. We thought this was a good time to share the improvements and updates we have been making to our Ranch facility as well as update you on the repairs from the storm. After you finish reading about these updates and repairs, take a couple more minutes to watch the videos giving you a virtual tour!

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“We will get through this!”

So…Monday, August 10th started out just like any other day…doing chores, feeding the horses and feeding our barn cat, Jules. The day was full with us continuing to finish up our updates to the kitchen and dining room. We also had a volunteer coming in to help in doing a deep cleaning of the main lodge. We were scheduled to have a ribbon cutting ceremony the next day with the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce.

Earlier in the morning we started getting reports of a fast moving storm sweeping across  Iowa. We kept an eye on the radar and then the weather radio started going off with alerts. The rain started first and then suddenly without warning, the wind picked up. The shingles on the barn started to peel up and the pump house roof started to rise up off the building.

By this time, the rain was coming down so hard we could barely see the out-buildings from the main lodge. As we were standing in the doorway doing a visual check of the horses before we headed to the basement, the storm door was flung open by the wind. At this point we had no choice but to head to the safety of the basement. We stayed there until we could hear the wind subside and then slowly came back upstairs to see what was going on outside. 

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