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“We will get through this!”

So…Monday, August 10th started out just like any other day…doing chores, feeding the horses and feeding our barn cat, Jules. The day was full with us continuing to finish up our updates to the kitchen and dining room. We also had a volunteer coming in to help in doing a deep cleaning of the main lodge. We were scheduled to have a ribbon cutting ceremony the next day with the Marshalltown Chamber of Commerce.

Earlier in the morning we started getting reports of a fast moving storm sweeping across  Iowa. We kept an eye on the radar and then the weather radio started going off with alerts. The rain started first and then suddenly without warning, the wind picked up. The shingles on the barn started to peel up and the pump house roof started to rise up off the building.

By this time, the rain was coming down so hard we could barely see the out-buildings from the main lodge. As we were standing in the doorway doing a visual check of the horses before we headed to the basement, the storm door was flung open by the wind. At this point we had no choice but to head to the safety of the basement. We stayed there until we could hear the wind subside and then slowly came back upstairs to see what was going on outside. 

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Visiting With Dave Smith

Click here to listen to this recent interview with Dave Smith, our Ranch Manager!

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Story Time in the Stables

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It’s Never Too Late

IT’s NEVER TOO LATE … to do something GREAT!

“I thought therapy was going to be boring. I was wrong, I want to come to my sessions at the Ranch and be with the horses.”

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We Need You

WE NEED YOU… to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life!

“To build trust with a horse, you have to talk to it, care for it, and spend time with it. Building trust with horses is just like building trust with people.”

“I want to come to therapy…never thought I would say that!”

“I never realized how much we don’t listen to one another until we tried to get a horse over an obstacle as a bunch of individuals rather than working together.”

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YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE… the final weekend of our campaign!

“Being with the horses is my weekly respite, it just calms me down to be with them.”

“Horses are incredibly forgiving. They fill in places we’re not capable of filling ourselves.” Buck Brannaman

INVEST IN OUR MISSION …https://wolferanchquakerdale.org/invest/

BY DONATING TODAY! https://www.classy.org/give/281224/#!/donation/checkout#WRSpring2020

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Invest In Our Mission

… at Wolfe Ranch of Quakerdale

Partnering with Quakerdale Family Services, Wolfe Ranch is helping to transform lives. Help us care for our most important staff — Our Horses. Why?

“The horse helped me learn to love and trust again. I now know I can tell my family what I am feeling and it will be okay.”

“I don’t like to open up, because I expect others to hurt me. The horse always listens to me, and it has never hurt me.”






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Get Involved

at Wolfe Ranch of Quakerdale

*** Join Our Team ***


AS A Prayer Partner — Stay informed by subscribing to our https://wolferanchquakerdale.org/enewsletter-form/and then ask God daily, weekly, or monthly to use our staff and volunteers to accomplish His purposes in the lives of those we serve.

AS A Volunteer — use your time and talents to join our team as together we make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

*** Invest in Our Mission ***


Donate — Make a gift of any size to our Spring 2020 Campaign


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What We Do

We know times are challenging right now but we want you to know we are still keeping busy by making improvements and updates to our Ranch facility and making plans for future programming. Our commitment to Serve as Christ Serves does not rest in the light of a pandemic. We find a great deal of hope in hearing from the families we serve and the difference our services have made in their life.

“The horse helped me learn to love and trust again. I now know I can tell my family what I am feeling and it will be okay.” Joey

“I told everyone I’m learning to control my anger by walking a horse. If I can walk a huge horse, controlling my anger isn’t so hard.” Mike

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Who We Are

It’s true that Wolfe Ranch is a place to find peace and relaxation. But it’s the staff, board members, volunteers, prayer partners, and donors who make the Ranch what it is. The people of Wolfe Ranch believe in and are dedicated to its MISSION: “… to encourage hope, faith, and growth in the individuals, children, families in the communities …” of Marshall County and the surrounding area…

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To check out our Fundraising Campaign #WRSpring2020


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