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Each horse at the Ranch has a unique personality and is helping with different jobs.  Here are highlights from a few of them…..

Mary Legs


If you’ve seen Black Beauty, you know exactly what our Mary Legs looks like! She is a grey dappled Haflinger cross. She is definitely the boss around the Ranch! She tells all the other horses what to do. She loves treats & attention, no matter who you are. She likes playing “catch me if you can” in the pasture. Mary Legs loves kids & going fast, so she is a joy to ride – although a little bumpy.




Indy (short for Independent) is a black & white Gypsy Vanner cross. She loves to roll around in the dirt & get messy! She has a ‘babysitter’ attitude, so if you’re new to riding, she will make sure you feel safe. But she can also push your buttons if she knows you need someone to push you to do your best! Overall, Indy is a big horse with an even bigger heart – just how we like our horses at the Ranch.



Sam is a sorrel paint gelding, and is the oldest horse at the Ranch. He is a major cuddle bug & loves hugs! You can do just about anything with him except he isn’t a big fan of going fast. He also has a ‘babysitter’ attitude, so if you’re new to horses he’s a great first horse friend. Since he is older, he gets senior feed to help keep his muscles strong.







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